Plan Ahead With A Commerical Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Virtually every commercial property faces damage at some point. Dealing with property restoration emergencies doesn’t have to be stressful and chaotic when you prepare in advance with a commercial Emergency Response Plan (ERP) from Oregon Restoration. Taking care of water, mold, or fire damage becomes as simple as making one phone call. Reach out to us today and ask us about setting up an ERP for your commercial property.

Prepare For Disaster The Smart Way


Setting up an Emergency Response Plan with Oregon Restoration is free.


No matter when property damage happens, we’re ready. We respond to emergencies 24/7.

Experienced Partner

Emergencies are easier when you have an expert team by your side tackling the restoration.

How Do Commercial Emergency Restoration Plans Work?

Emergency Response Plans are the best way to make sure you’re prepared in the event of property emergencies like water, mold, or fire damage. We’ll meet with you to discuss your business or commercial property’s emergency needs. Then you can download our ERP app and upload documents like floor plans, water turnoff locations, contact information, user manuals, and more.

Then, when you’re faced with any kind of property damage, all you have to do is make one phone call to Oregon Restoration. We’ll quickly arrive on site, prepared with the plan we created together. Our expert team will get to work efficiently restoring your property to pre-loss condition so that you can move forward with business operations and your life.

Benefits Of Having An ERP

Simplify Emergencies

In the heat of an emergency, it’s stressful to have to make decisions about what to do and who to call. ERPs do all of the legwork in advance. All that’s left is to call Oregon Restoration.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your commercial property could suffer damage because of events outside of your control at any time is overwhelming. An ERP gives you some of that control back. You can relax and rest easy, knowing that if disaster strikes, you’re ready.

Legal Protection

Improperly responding to property damage can leave you legally liable. Having an emergency plan in place helps your emergency response be smooth and successful.

Save Money

Commercial property damage quickly gets expensive when you take into account operation downtime, legal costs, and lost customers, employees, or tenants. Having an ERP in place speeds up restoration time, reducing these costs. Better yet, setting up an ERP is free.

Easy Digital Access

The last thing you want during a property damage emergency is to have to shuffle through a 100-page document to figure out your next steps. With our ERP app, the plan is at your fingertips, and finding the information you need is easy.

Get A Disaster Plan In Place In 3 Steps

Call Oregon Restoration

Give us a call and let us know you’re interested in our Emergency Response Plans.

Create Your Plan

We’ll meet with you to discuss your plan and show you how our ERP app works.

You'll Be Ready

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re ready to face property damage head-on.