How Mold Affects Your Health And Home

There are several ways black mold makes itself known in your home. It is generally green, grey, or black with a fuzzy or slimy texture. Mold tends to grow in circular clusters paired with an earthy, musty smell. Discovering black mold in your home can be a stressful experience, especially since it can present a wide range of issues. Living with black mold in your home for prolonged periods can cause a wide variety of health problems, such as allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. Mold not only harms your health, but it can do immense damage to your property, so it is important to call a black mold removal specialist as soon as mold removal portland

Black Mold Removal in Portland

The best way to prevent an issue from worsening is to know what to look for. Our team of professionals has shared a few common side effects for your best benefit and understanding.

Health Reactions

Black mold has several effects on our bodies. Few people have mild allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, congestion, throat and eye irritation. More severe reactions can include skin rashes, asthma attacks, and upper respiratory infections. People with weakened immune systems, such as children and the elderly, are prone to more severe reactions to mold. More often than not, it is recommended to stay away from your home if it has been contaminated with black mold.

Neurological Effects

Not only does black mold have several mild to severe health effects related to the immune system, but black mold can affect the neurological system as well. The longer a person is exposed to mold in a home, they can be affected by mild symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. More severe issues include memory loss and overall affected cognitive function.

Low-Quality Air

The longer black mold is present in your home, the more musty and earthy the odor will be. This is due to mold spores in the air as the mold spreads itself through the air. This reduces the quality of air inside your home, which will worsen any pre-existing health conditions of any occupants. The higher the number of spores present, the more pungent the odor will be.

Structural Damage

The longer black mold infiltrates your home, the more it deteriorates its structure. The mold spores are so tiny that they can spread and break down your floors, ceilings, drywall, framing, and insulation. Once mold takes hold of these materials, it can rapidly compromise their integrity. If not promptly resolved, this can quickly lead to safety concerns and costly repairs.

Black mold poses a range of health and property risks, making it a serious concern for homeowners. Professional companies such as Oregon Restoration Co. have extensive experience in black mold removal. Our certified team of highly skilled and trained technicians understands the stress and danger that black mold can present in your home. They offer a comprehensive process, from initial assessment to reconstruction, ensuring that you and your home are fully