Protect Your Property with Professional Mold Services

Mold puts your property and the people you care about in harm’s way. Restore your safe indoor environment with the help of the mold damage professionals at Oregon Restoration. Our dedicated team takes a proactive approach, not only removing the existing mold but also preventing its return by addressing underlying water damage issues. Give us a call.

Have Mold Professionals By Your Side


Expertise matters when it comes to mold. We are IICRC certified and a CORE member.

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You’ll never get a surprise bill. We’re upfront and honest with you in all situations. 

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The Professional Mold Removal Process

Call us today for professional mold remediation. Our highly trained and certified professionals assess your property to determine how far the mold has spread and what damage it has caused. Then, we choose the most effective mold removal method for your space and get to work, removing the mold and carefully sanitizing the space to prevent regrowth.

The Link Between Mold & Water Damage

Since mold thrives in damp environments, most properties with mold damage also have water damage. Unaddressed water damage provides the ideal environment for mold spores to grow in as little as 48 hours.

At Oregon Restoration, we are IICRC certified in both mold remediation and water damage restoration. We take a comprehensive approach, focussing both on removing the mold and identifying and resolving the root cause of the water damage. By addressing both issues at the same time, we significantly reduce the chance of mold regrowth.

Mold Damages
Building Materials

Common building materials like ceiling tiles, wallpaper, particle board, drywall, insulation, and carpets are susceptible to mold growth. As mold grows on materials, it breaks them down. This can lead to serious structural damage, especially if the mold is allowed to grow unchecked.

Treating mold in its early stages is safer, easier, quicker, and less expensive. Get professional mold remediation help at the first signs of mold growth. Call Oregon Restoration.

Mold Can Harm Your Health

When mold is growing, it releases mold spores into the air you breathe. Inhaling mold spores is dangerous, especially if you’re exposed to the spores for a prolonged time or if you are already in poor health. People exposed to mold may exhibit symptoms like coughs, congestion, fatigue, headaches, itching, and rashes.

If you’re exhibiting similar symptoms and think you may have been exposed to mold, please call your doctor and Oregon Restoration. We will remove all mold on your property so that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your indoor environment is safe again.

Mold Removal In 3 Steps

Call Oregon Restoration

Give us a call and ask for mold removal help.

Restore & Reconstruct

We’ll safely remove all the mold on your property.

Enjoy Your Property

You can relax knowing that your home is safe.

Outstanding Service From Outstanding People

Working with the right people during a property damage disaster makes a big difference. We’re proud to be a part of a team of outstanding people who are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers in their time of need. If you want help from a team that will go above and beyond, turn to Oregon Restoration.